We have worked closely with Unilever for over 15 years. Working on both a UK and international basis, from bringing their internal brand to life for their staff, to revitalising working areas; we have been commissioned to work on a wide variety of projects.

Unilever are dedicated to developing their workplaces into stimulating environments, keeping staff engaged and encouraging their pride in what they’re working to achieve.

The site at Port Sunlight represents the heartbeat of global R&D for the organisation, stretching across a number of campuses, encompassing thousands of employees. In such a diverse organisation a key

success factor is creating motivation that unites across all areas of the business.

Our task was to create a clear footprint of the organisations on which we could map journeys for different users. This allows us to create an overall environment that connected people through a combination of wayfinding solutions and clear spaces.

These spaces were designed around today’s agile forms of working and included communal areas for group interaction, break out areas and private spaces for solitary focus.


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